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Calluses… My lovely girly hands

We’ve all been there and had those horrible rips from the bars and boy do they hurt! I used to get these from my gymnastics days and remember my coach just ripping them off, it’s part and parcel of the sport. 

Even though I have been doing crossfit for over a year my hands still suffer. I’m not a fan of gloves, I like to be able to feel the bar and keep strapping to a minimum. However, due to increased volume and the fact id like to keep my hands a bit feminine I am going to invest in some hand guards.

Im going to buy these,  available from kit box, not just because they come in pink (other colours available) but because they’re very similar to gymnastic hand guards. They’re basic but do the job of protecting the hand.

Hand guards
To protect my sore hands whenever I get a rip i was introduced to Paw Paw, a moisturising cream made from papaya that soothes, relieves and moisturises. 

I love this stuff and have two tubes of it in my kit bag, after its placed on a rip or blister it soothes immediately and helps to heal really quickly. It’s now stocked nationally in boots and tesco too for around £3.99! Bargain

Teamed with some trusty sudocream and some girly pink nail varnish I find im able to save my hands… Just!