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Foundation, High end or high street? 

Hello my name is Megan and I am Hannah’s younger sister. I am 16 years old and unlike Hannah I am not into fitness and cross fit however I do enjoy makeup and beauty. Follow me on Instagram @meganlowe20I will be comparing a highend foundation compared to a drugstore foundation

Like Hannah I am mixed race which makes finding foundations which match my skin tricky ,whenever I do find a match thy’re out of stock or they just don’t provide a colour as dark as my skin. This is when high end places such as MAC, where my first foundation is from, they make life easier as they can perfectly match a foundation to your skin colour. They go from snow white pale, to chocolate brown with professionals helping and advising you. 

£25.50 Max studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation, colour NC42.

 I like this foundation as when I go to the beach or outdoors it provides protection from the sun.

This foundation is very thick and high coverage, this means that it can cover spots and blemishes well. It’s quite matt so if you like a dewy finish you will not like this foundation. I would apply this foundation with a sponge not a brush as a brush usually leaves marks like little streaks on your face. Furthermore, I would apply a moisturiser before using this foundation as it can cling to dry patches of skin. I would recommend this for dry skin but I feel it would be too thick on oily skin.

I would say it lasts around 5 hours and after this it seem to separate and leave in patches and it can look shiny, so I would bring a powder to blot your face throughout the day. I would wear this product as a ‘going out, or party foundation as it is pretty flawless and high coverage.

One thing about the packaging is that you have to squirt out the product which means somethings you’re left with massive puddle of foundation that you can no longer use, which is also a pain as the product is so expensive.

Furthermore this foundation smells a bit strong, almost like children’s face paint, and if you apply to much it can feel like face paint on your skin.

Rimmel match perfection-light perfecting radiance foundation.colour-402.SPF 20

I like this foundation as it is dewy and makes me look radiant as the name would suggest. Unlike many drugstore foundation it is radiant without having chunky glitter and sparkles. However it only takes 1-2 hours without oxidising –this means the colour changes over time and this happens to look orange on me. Furthermore it isn’t as much coverage as the MAC foundation which can be annoying when you’re trying to cover spots etc. Unlike the MAC foundation this applies well with both sponge and brush. Additionally I prefer this foundation bottle as it comes with a pump which makes things easier and cleaner.

As I mentioned before it’s hard to find a colour which matches you perfectly and there isn’t someone there to help, so this makes things tricky.

If you don’t like foundations which smell this isn’t one for you this is a highly perfumed foundation which I don’t mind because it’s quite nice and not like the face paint smell of MAC. 


Mac vs rimmel

Cost: rimmel

Lasting power: mac

Colour range: mac

Coverage; mac

Thanks for reading I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. 


Vitacoco coconut oil 

I love social media and recently had seen lots of posts about the new coconut oil from the guys at Vita Coco.

I love the coconut water that this company too and enjoy it as a treat after training to refresh, it’s delicious! 

I went to a couple of boots stores and couldn’t see it so messaged the guys on Instagram @vccoconutoiluk and they replied promptly with where I could purchase it from. Brilliant service thank you guys! 

I headed there today and sure enough saw it on the shelves, only two left so it’s obviously doing well. 

The price was £9.99 for a jar of 500ml, however when I went to the til it had £2.50 off so was a real bargain.

Vita coco coconut oil
The coconut oil is 100% raw and organic and can be used as a moisturiser, in your hair or to cook with. I always cook with coconut oil because it’s healthier and very light. However, I was super excited that this Vita Coco coconut oil could be used on your hair and your body. 

Tonight I used it on my hair and I’m really impressed with the result, my hair is smooth and far less frizzy than normal I’ve also noticed my dreaded split ends are looking much better. I used it as a hair mask and left it in for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. In addition coconut oil has said to be a great make up remover and also good as a lip salve, I can’t wait to try both of these things out. 

Anyone else tried it, let me know what you think 🙂 


Make up & training 

Sorry boys, one for the girls.

Im a girl, yes I love to lift weights and spend most of my spare time in gym clothes but a girl likes to look pretty even when she’s working out. 

Many people, friends, fellow gym goers have criticised me or made comments that I’m wearing make up when I work out. It’s not because I’m vain, I don’t put it on especially to go to the gym but I’m usually going elsewhere either before or after the gym. Also whenever I don’t wear make up people ask if I’m ok because I look ill! 

Now I’m not saying I wear a full face, far from it but a bit of eyeliner and mascara. 

We’ve all got hot and sweaty in the gym only to go and look in the mirror after and been horrified to see black rings around the eyes making us look like a panda! So I decided to try out some different mascaras and I’m pleased to announce the winner was, drumroll please… 

L’oreal mega volume, miss magna! 

Here it is! It’s only £8.99 which is even better and has great coverage, the brush is really flexible and does a great job at extending the lashes. 

Not only is it great value but it gives a great look, I’ve worn it for two weeks now whilst doing some super tough workouts and I’m pleased to say I’ve had no panda eyes! 


Calluses… My lovely girly hands

We’ve all been there and had those horrible rips from the bars and boy do they hurt! I used to get these from my gymnastics days and remember my coach just ripping them off, it’s part and parcel of the sport. 

Even though I have been doing crossfit for over a year my hands still suffer. I’m not a fan of gloves, I like to be able to feel the bar and keep strapping to a minimum. However, due to increased volume and the fact id like to keep my hands a bit feminine I am going to invest in some hand guards.

Im going to buy these,  available from kit box, not just because they come in pink (other colours available) but because they’re very similar to gymnastic hand guards. They’re basic but do the job of protecting the hand.

Hand guards
To protect my sore hands whenever I get a rip i was introduced to Paw Paw, a moisturising cream made from papaya that soothes, relieves and moisturises. 

I love this stuff and have two tubes of it in my kit bag, after its placed on a rip or blister it soothes immediately and helps to heal really quickly. It’s now stocked nationally in boots and tesco too for around £3.99! Bargain

Teamed with some trusty sudocream and some girly pink nail varnish I find im able to save my hands… Just! 


Fresh face 

I’ve always struggled with my skin and always suffered with outbreaks since being a teenager. This is trickier to control when I do so much physical activity. I enjoy wearing make up, but in a hot and sweaty gym this sometimes isn’t good for my skin.

Recently I’ve tried Garniers micellar water and it’s amazing! Over the years I’ve tried so many products, face scrubs, face masks etc but this water is so cleansing. I use it every morning and every night on a cotton pad and it also removes eye make up which is great! 

It’s currently £2.66 for 400ml at tesco and I would definitely recommend giving it a go! 

Micellar water