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Make up & training 

Sorry boys, one for the girls.

Im a girl, yes I love to lift weights and spend most of my spare time in gym clothes but a girl likes to look pretty even when she’s working out. 

Many people, friends, fellow gym goers have criticised me or made comments that I’m wearing make up when I work out. It’s not because I’m vain, I don’t put it on especially to go to the gym but I’m usually going elsewhere either before or after the gym. Also whenever I don’t wear make up people ask if I’m ok because I look ill! 

Now I’m not saying I wear a full face, far from it but a bit of eyeliner and mascara. 

We’ve all got hot and sweaty in the gym only to go and look in the mirror after and been horrified to see black rings around the eyes making us look like a panda! So I decided to try out some different mascaras and I’m pleased to announce the winner was, drumroll please… 

L’oreal mega volume, miss magna! 

Here it is! It’s only £8.99 which is even better and has great coverage, the brush is really flexible and does a great job at extending the lashes. 

Not only is it great value but it gives a great look, I’ve worn it for two weeks now whilst doing some super tough workouts and I’m pleased to say I’ve had no panda eyes!