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A gymnasts relationship with food

As a gymnast for the majority of my childhood I spent most of my spare time in Lycra! I also got weighed weekly during the ages of 12-16, which for any girl is not a good idea. I can remember standing on the trampoline and my coach saying ‘have you put on weight, you look fuller’ and then not understanding why I cried. I also remember running around the gym doing laps because my coach could ‘grab’ too much around my middle. being weighed every Friday and being afraid of the extra conditioning we would receive if we put on weight, meant that we would reduce our intake on Wednesday, Thursday and then after being weighed would go crazy on a Saturday with doughnuts and sweets! I understand that for gymnastics you need to have an effective power to weight ratio but being punished for putting on 1lb and having to run wearing ankle weights, does not promote a healthy relationship with food. 
As such when I started weightlifting and crossfit I naturally put on weight, muscle. This freaked me out when I stepped on the scales and has taken me until about a month ago to accept that I am going to weigh more. I now weigh 70kgs, when I competed in gymnastics I was 62kg. But I think I look better, leaner and my body fat is 14%, aside from that I feel healthier than ever. Watching the crossfit games and seeing so many fantastic female athletes that are strong and powerful is so inspirational. 

Annie Thorisdottir 👇👇👇  
Ive learnt that in order for my body to do what I need it to, it needs to be fuelled. I’ve increased what I’ve been eating, I’ve never been one to count calories but I make sure I eat regularly 4 times a day. I’ve also began to feel when my body needs more and even though sometimes I don’t feel like eating, I know that my body needs it. 

Me now 👇  
I wish that the information had been available to me when I competed in trampolining. Instead I used to skip meals and eat as little as possible, even binge eating. I also wish that better information could be available to the general public, specifically young girls.

Now I try to follow the paleo way of eating, this is known as caveman diet and involves eating natural food that’s not processed. I find this really easy as I can just go into a shop and look at what I could ‘hunt or gather’ rather than checking the labels for calories. People say ‘what do you eat?!’ Well I eat plenty of eggs, chicken, natural yoghurt, berries, spinach etc and I love it! Sometimes I crave a sweet treat and I let myself have it because we’re all human and I do love pick n mix 😉 



Best leggings for crossfit

Along with sports bras I also have an addiction to shorts and leggings! Actually I am slightly addicted to any workout clothing, mainly because I wear it most of the time but also now my figure has changed its also the only clothing that fits!! 

Whilst you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of black nike leggings, it’s nice to jazz up the wardrobe and put some colour into your workout! 


I recently discovered these great Puma leggings that have a drawstring which is great for the athletic figure. They’re available from sports direct and were a complete bargain at £19.99, they’re now reduced to £17.50 so you can’t go wrong. I love these because they don’t budge when working out, you don’t need to be hoisting them up in between burpees. 

Puma leggings

I also have some great leggings from Ares that are lightweight and a great colour!


Most of the time I get pretty hot so also like working out in shorts and my favourite have to be Nike! I absolutely love how comfortable they are and the bright colours, I’m a bit of an addict and have over 15 pairs now. 

So many fab colours and all under £25! These are great because they don’t ride up either. 

Nike also do a lot of these patterns for leggings too, I would always choose colours and patterns over plain leggings but that’s just my choice. At £90 these are a bit pricey but they’ve been on my wish list for ages now! 

Nike shorts

I recently went to visit Reebok Covent Garden and fell In love with these leggings. I don’t usually wear 3/4 length leggings but I really liked the tri colour and diagonal angles. I tried them on and knew u had to get them! These were even better because they were a steal at £30!