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Sock gainz! 

Now recently you may have noticed the explosion of socks onto the crossfit arena! They have become a vital item in the crossfit wardrobe for both men and women.

The crazier the better, with colours being splashed all over socks as well as pictures such as these Dollar or Gorrilla ones below which are available from my sponsors Ares at the bargain price of £8.99.

And something for the girls…

I was hesitant to join in the sock game but I actually love them and love how they can finish off an outfit, I don’t wear them fully pulled up but just enough to see the pattern or colour.

Available at :Ares socks free delivery too

Another brand that is rocking the sock work is Stance socks who stock a massive range. 

They look awesome and are perfect length for working out, these are stocked by the London based shop Whatever it takes and available online

Whatever it takes
Check out the socks, every time I’ve worn my Ares ones I’ve hit a pb…. Just saying 🙂 


Pb City

Apoligies for being quiet on here recently, I have been poorly. I took a few days rest as think I have been over training a little and not fuelling my body enough.

This morning was my first session and I decided to give olympic lifting a go as it wouldn’t get me out of breath and plus it’s my favourite. 

We worked on technique and one of the coaches told me to just go light and work form due to the fact I’d been poorly, I nodded and agreed. However, once I pick up that barbell I just want to go heavy I can’t help it! 

We started with snatch, a movement I really don’t like because I find it so technical. I started to feel pretty good, we worked on a slow first phase up to the knees and then a fast final phase. I needed to focus on staying on my heels and taking my time, I tried to do this and to push my knees out and started to feel better. I slowly built up to near my 1 rep max of 62.5kg, I got up to 60kg and failed. I explained to the coach I hadn’t gotten a PB in a while in my snatch, so he said to put 63.5kg on the bar and just pick it up.

I took this on board and instead of fussing around I just went for it and I finished it! Was super happy and my confidence was given a massive boost so I decided to take the plunge and put a further 4kg on and got up to 67.5kg. First attempt and I did it and it felt so easy because I concentrated on keeping the bar close and staying on my heels.

Tips for a successful snatch

  • Keep the bar close to your body at all times
  • Stay on your heels throughout the lift 
  • Engage your lats and flat back when setting up for your lift
  • Strong shoulders

Then we moved onto squat cleans which I really enjoy, I’m still quite nervous as I had a bad injury in May this year but I’m building my confidence.

I started off at 60kg and built up to a pb at 92.5kg, this was a 2.5kg pb but I wanted more so put 95kg on the bar and did it first time. I also managed to catch it on film too! Really wanting to get that 100kg clean. 

Tips for squat clean

  • Again keep the bar close and start with your lats engaged 
  • Drive through your heels 
  • When the bar hits your hips, drop quickly to get underneath the bar
  • Once you’ve gotten underneath the bar keep your core engaged and your elbows high

Best leggings for crossfit

Along with sports bras I also have an addiction to shorts and leggings! Actually I am slightly addicted to any workout clothing, mainly because I wear it most of the time but also now my figure has changed its also the only clothing that fits!! 

Whilst you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of black nike leggings, it’s nice to jazz up the wardrobe and put some colour into your workout! 


I recently discovered these great Puma leggings that have a drawstring which is great for the athletic figure. They’re available from sports direct and were a complete bargain at £19.99, they’re now reduced to £17.50 so you can’t go wrong. I love these because they don’t budge when working out, you don’t need to be hoisting them up in between burpees. 

Puma leggings

I also have some great leggings from Ares http://www.be-ares.com that are lightweight and a great colour!


Most of the time I get pretty hot so also like working out in shorts and my favourite have to be Nike! I absolutely love how comfortable they are and the bright colours, I’m a bit of an addict and have over 15 pairs now. 

So many fab colours and all under £25! These are great because they don’t ride up either. 

Nike also do a lot of these patterns for leggings too, I would always choose colours and patterns over plain leggings but that’s just my choice. At £90 these are a bit pricey but they’ve been on my wish list for ages now! 

Nike shorts

I recently went to visit Reebok Covent Garden and fell In love with these leggings. I don’t usually wear 3/4 length leggings but I really liked the tri colour and diagonal angles. I tried them on and knew u had to get them! These were even better because they were a steal at £30! 


My first major competition

I had been back training at Crossfit Bournemouth since January and decided to take the plunge and enter the qualifiers for my first major individual competition. After three hard qualifiers I found out that I’d made it to the finals and qualified in 21st place, holy cow, it all just got a bit real!

I wanted my preparation to be perfect for this comp but unfortunately due to an accident in the gym I was in a leg brace with a bruised femur bone until 3 weeks before. Still on, the 4th July I made my way to London for ‘The British Championships’ at Lee Valley athletics stadium full of nerves and thinking I should’ve put more prep into doing a few extra pull ups rather than choosing what outfit to wear for each event.


The first event was a 5km run…not my favourite I would say the most I run is about 800m in training so I knew this would be hard…and it was but I finished it in 63rd and knew I had other events that I could improve on.

Next was weightlifting..my favourite, but I let my nerves get to me and struggled on an 80kg clean and jerk, which in know I can hit during training easily, but finished a respectful 20th.

Over the rest of the weekend I endured 5 more workouts, my aim prior to the competition was to make the first cut and finish within the top 60 but once the nerves had calmed down and I focused on the job I competed a lot better and finished 33rd overall which  I was very happy with.

Needless to say I was exhausted afterwards but I definitely got the bug to compete again, the support that everyone provides at these competitions is incredible, such a supportive and welcoming environment that I would definitely recommend.

Massive thank you to my amazing sponsors, Ares, who design awesome crossfit clothing gear and accessories. Check out http://www.be-ares.com and use code Lewis10 to get a discount. They provided me with so many outfits which was perfect for my colour coding obsession and it’s so comfortable to work out in! To My Protein for providing all us athletes with much needed protein and recovery drinks and to Rock tape for sticking me back together again.

image image image

An amazing weekend, can’t wait for the next one!