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Role models…

I’m writing this post because I recently posted a couple of photos on to my Instagram page hannah_j_lewis and was happily surprised at the response I got. I didn’t post it to get comments or anything but more to try and inspire other women.

The above is the photo! On the left I was 60kg and 20% body fat, I made sure I ran everyday and spent a lot of the time poorly. I skipped meals on a regular basis with the sole aim to be ‘skinny.’ That was my goal, I wanted to be under 60kg and punished myself for even eating a square of chocolate, not a healthy mind set at all.

Jump to the photo on the right, I’m now 10kg heavier at 70kg, I’m much healthier, I have more energy, better skin and nails and my body fat is even lower at 14%! 

What I’ve come to realise on my journey through weightlifting and crossfit is that skinny is not actually healthy. I used to look up to singers such as Cheryl Cole and think they look great but actually they’re a bag of bones, if that’s what you aspire to be then that’s fine but I want young women and girls to look up to be something healthy, strong and beautiful. 

I had lots of responses to my post, many girls thanking me for public ally saying it’s ok to put on weight/ muscle and to be heavier. I also had messages from girls who had eating disorders who also thanked me and that was really nice to see. 

The other day a girl I used to teach walked past me in my crossfit class. The next day her mum handed me a pencil drawn picture of me lifting weights with the words ‘when I grow up I want to lift weights and be strong like you Miss Lewis.’ This meant the world to me, if I can inspire any female no matter how old or irregardless of ability then I’ve done my job! 

I’m not saying it’s been easy, I still have mini freak outs that I’m heavier now but then i remind myself of what I can do, how functional I am and how healthy and I feel enpowered. I’m also lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful boyfriend, friends and family. 

If you’re reading this and struggle with your weight or body issues then please remember it’s more important to make yourself happy and to be healthy. Look up to those female sport stars not the catwalk models! 

After all if we were in the hunger games… Who would survive?! 



Nike metcons

So today I am in London and decided to visit a great crossfit shop called Whatever it Takes, based in Bow Lane in the centre of London.

This shop is great as instead of ordering things online you can get to try the real things on, nano 5s, Nike Romaleos, Adidas power lifters etc. They even have a squat rack to try the out! In addition they do some great clothing. Check out their great website

Whatever it Takes
I had my eye on the Nike metcons for a while, I love my pink Nanos but has heard good things about the new Nike shoe. I had also seen the pink ones on the Internet and fell in love!

So I went into the shop and couldn’t see the pink ones, decided to ask and they had one pink pair left… In my size! It was like it was meant to be.

I tried them on and they felt amazing, the shoes are a brilliant fit and feel like they provide really good support. In fact, they make the nanos feel quite clumpy, the colours are also great.

So I was sold, £100 later and they were mine and I walked all the way home in them, like an excited child! I can’t provide feedback on how they are to workout in but as a general fit they feel great. 

The next decision is to decide on what colour laces to use… Any help welcome 🙂 

Lifting Shoes… Which ones? 

Now I took a while to convert to lifting shoes. Luckily for me I have good mobility and range of movement and so before lifters I used to squat bare foot and just wore Nanos to lift. 
I thought lifters were just another crossfit fad but now I’m definitely a concert. Ok so putting on lifting shoes doesn’t guarantee an added 5kg to each lift (that would be nice) but they do provide a stable base. In addition they also give that slightly raised heel which for people who find squatting tricky can really help. 
I bought some Adidas lifters as I’d heard good things and as I was trying them, these were relatively cheap. I got the power lifter 2.0 and at £70 these were cheap! 
Adidas Powerlifter 2.0
Like any new shoe, they took a while to get used to. I felt like I was leaning forwards and had to get used to sitting back on my heels but I felt more solid and as such had added confidence when lifting. Both in my powerlifts and in my olympic lifts. 

Adidas also have the slightly more expensive Adi Power shoe at £147.99 which has a higher heel so is more suitable for those with a smaller range of movement naturally. 
Last weekend I was lucky enough to win some Inov8 shoes of my choice from the lovely guys at Elite Gear. Check out their site http://www.elite-gear.co.uk

I chose the Inov8 fast lift 335 which retail for £97 and of course I went for their pink & purple combo! I was hesitant to try these as once I get used to something I’m reluctant to change but I must say I really like these shoes. They have a thinner sole than the Adidas lifters but feel more solid, the sole is also harder and so provides more stability. They also do a great range of colours and if you want to upgrade to the Inov8 370 BOA these come in all pink! 


A shoe I have always wanted but haven’t got yet is the Nike Romaleo! These shoes are so beautiful and just look awesome, they’re pricey at £169.99 but I’ve heard brilliant things about them. 


Having tried a friends to lift in they are so secure, the double strapping doesn’t allow for any slipping of the shoe. With the Romaleo 2s Nike have made them more flexible and lighter so they are more suited to crossfit athletes. These did feel heavier than my other lifters to wear but we’re sturdy and made my squat feel easier which is what we all want. They also come in a range of great colours! 

Nike Romaleo
Reebok also have their own lifters, I hadn’t heard great things which is why I didn’t purchase any. However they are cheaper, even so if I was going to recommend any shoe for a beginner who isn’t sure id say go for the Adidas Powerlifter 2.0 to begin with. 

Happy Lifting!

Best leggings for crossfit

Along with sports bras I also have an addiction to shorts and leggings! Actually I am slightly addicted to any workout clothing, mainly because I wear it most of the time but also now my figure has changed its also the only clothing that fits!! 

Whilst you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of black nike leggings, it’s nice to jazz up the wardrobe and put some colour into your workout! 


I recently discovered these great Puma leggings that have a drawstring which is great for the athletic figure. They’re available from sports direct and were a complete bargain at £19.99, they’re now reduced to £17.50 so you can’t go wrong. I love these because they don’t budge when working out, you don’t need to be hoisting them up in between burpees. 

Puma leggings

I also have some great leggings from Ares http://www.be-ares.com that are lightweight and a great colour!


Most of the time I get pretty hot so also like working out in shorts and my favourite have to be Nike! I absolutely love how comfortable they are and the bright colours, I’m a bit of an addict and have over 15 pairs now. 

So many fab colours and all under £25! These are great because they don’t ride up either. 

Nike also do a lot of these patterns for leggings too, I would always choose colours and patterns over plain leggings but that’s just my choice. At £90 these are a bit pricey but they’ve been on my wish list for ages now! 

Nike shorts

I recently went to visit Reebok Covent Garden and fell In love with these leggings. I don’t usually wear 3/4 length leggings but I really liked the tri colour and diagonal angles. I tried them on and knew u had to get them! These were even better because they were a steal at £30! 


Sports bras… Practical Vs Pretty

Now like I’ve said before I’m definitely one to coordinate myself from top to toe in the gym. If I want to wear my pink Reebok Nanos I’ll coordinate my outfit around them even down to my sports bra, obsessive maybe but I spend most of my time in sports gear so why wouldn’t I want to look good.

I’m definitely not blessed with a large chest, my genes and years of gymnastics made sure of that! So when I look for sports bras I don’t need the maximum support, I like to go for sports tops that are nice colours or that have unusual backs.

Most of the time I wear sports bras underneath a training time, even though I’m not blessed in that department I believe it is still important to provide support. When it’s hot or I have a particularly hard workout I like to be able to whip off my top and be confident knowing I have a nice, feminine sports bra on underneath.

Recently I discovered forever 21s range of sports clothes which is not only good value for money but is also bright and comfortable. Check out these two sports bras, the back on the colourful one is really unique and after wearing it once in the gym I got lots of positive comments. 

Both these sports bras were £12 each! Forever 21 provide information as to the support that each bra provides. Perfect for those who are looking fire more support. 

My other recent purchase and personal favourite is my Reebok sports bra particularly because it’s so comfortable. Crossfitters can always rely on Reebok to provide good, quality clothing that survive any wod! 

 In addition I have to say that I love Nike sports bras, I’m addicted to their cute workout shorts and they make bras to match which is right up my street. The fact they’re so bright wins me over every time! 

Nike sports bra
Reebok bra
Forever 21

My first major competition

I had been back training at Crossfit Bournemouth since January and decided to take the plunge and enter the qualifiers for my first major individual competition. After three hard qualifiers I found out that I’d made it to the finals and qualified in 21st place, holy cow, it all just got a bit real!

I wanted my preparation to be perfect for this comp but unfortunately due to an accident in the gym I was in a leg brace with a bruised femur bone until 3 weeks before. Still on, the 4th July I made my way to London for ‘The British Championships’ at Lee Valley athletics stadium full of nerves and thinking I should’ve put more prep into doing a few extra pull ups rather than choosing what outfit to wear for each event.


The first event was a 5km run…not my favourite I would say the most I run is about 800m in training so I knew this would be hard…and it was but I finished it in 63rd and knew I had other events that I could improve on.

Next was weightlifting..my favourite, but I let my nerves get to me and struggled on an 80kg clean and jerk, which in know I can hit during training easily, but finished a respectful 20th.

Over the rest of the weekend I endured 5 more workouts, my aim prior to the competition was to make the first cut and finish within the top 60 but once the nerves had calmed down and I focused on the job I competed a lot better and finished 33rd overall which  I was very happy with.

Needless to say I was exhausted afterwards but I definitely got the bug to compete again, the support that everyone provides at these competitions is incredible, such a supportive and welcoming environment that I would definitely recommend.

Massive thank you to my amazing sponsors, Ares, who design awesome crossfit clothing gear and accessories. Check out http://www.be-ares.com and use code Lewis10 to get a discount. They provided me with so many outfits which was perfect for my colour coding obsession and it’s so comfortable to work out in! To My Protein for providing all us athletes with much needed protein and recovery drinks and to Rock tape for sticking me back together again.

image image image

An amazing weekend, can’t wait for the next one!