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Team work 

Last weekend I competed with 5 other members from my Crossfit gym, Crossfit Bournemouth at The Super Team Cup in London. 

There were 100 teams competing and they could literally be ‘super teams’ where members didn’t have to come from the same box. 

The first work out was a 3km ski erg between 4 of us and it was horrible and our worst finish! We then had another 5 workouts and after each workout we climbed higher up the leaderboard. The competition continued to Sunday which saw handstand push ups, 4 x 200m sprint and a big final. 

Yes we made the final top 20 so had 1 more workout! Between 4 of us we had to do Fran, Grace, Elizabeth & Amanda as the ‘weightlifter’ I was given Grace! 42.5kg clean & jerk x 30 reps which I managed to do in 2mins 30 and absolutely loved it! Our team smashed it and came 16th in the final, meaning we finished in 19th! 

An amazing weekend and I would highly recommend doing team event in the future, it was so exciting and so nice to have your team mates with you supporting and cheering you on. 

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Elite Gear who kitted us out and cheered in every workout. If you need any crossgit supplies then check them out! 

Elite Gear


Wild West!

Sorry for my lack of posting recently, as you may know I had a car crash and have been busy sorting things out since. But now I’m back and looking forward to updating my blog. 

Last weekend I competed at the Wild West crossfit competition in Malvern, Gloucester. Crossfit Bournemouth had 6 teams in this competition and having a large group from our box was brilliant because we all had so much support.

The competition involved 130 teams of 4, 2 female and 2 male and consisted of 6 different wods. My favourite was the outdoor running wod relay, females had to run 100m with 2 x 24kg kettlebelles, then 100m 35kg sled pull and 100m with 20kg sandbag. You definitely felt the burn! 

The other workouts included max effort for 3rm OH squat, rope climbs, rowing, double unders, pull ups, over the box jumps and everyone’s favourite burpees! 

I love competing in a team as I feel the pressure is slightly less, it’s also nice to know that people have your back and to have that team spirit! 

We had some mixed results but we’re able to identify our weaknesses and overall finished 47th which we were really pleased with. Wild West was a brilliantly organised event, only in its second year the time keeping, organisation and facilities were brilliant. I would definitely recommend it for both newcomers to crossfit and those who have competed before! 

To make it even more interesting we chose to camp, which most athletes do! Mixing camping and crossfit was quite tough, especially when it rains and you can hear your neighbours snoring! 


Wild West yeeha

I have my next competition this weekend…The Wild West crossfit competition in Malvern, Gloucester. 

I did this last year and it was fantastic such a great atmosphere and a very inclusive competition. You compete in teams of 4, two girls, two guys and complete 6 workouts over 2 days. To mix it up a but you also camp which adds to the team spirit as people often have massive bbqs in the evening.

I have an x ray tomorrow to check for fractures in my neck that I may have sustained during the crash. Fingers crossed that it’s clear and that I can compete! 

Here’s some pics from last year